We help clients reduce their energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

With the proven experience in our market segments, we provide a tailored approach to our clients, with dedicated account management and frequent touchpoints, we manage their energy and consumption needs over the long term across all services we provide.

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Energy Procurement

The Energy Check - Business Electric

Business Electricity

We are experts in the commercial electrical market, with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporate enterprises. As energy saving experts, we can study the technical aspects of your business’s electricity demand and provide support in areas such as electricity price analysis and power factor adjustment to help reduce our clients’ bills.

The Energy Check - Business Gas

Business Gas

Our professional energy consultants work hard to save our clients on their business gas contracts. We will carefully review the structure of your current gas supply agreement, including future utility needs and can help you determine how to use and reduce gas costs.

The Energy Check - Business Water

Business Water

We provide our clients with a simple and effective way to manage their water supply and consumption. Through our selected partners, our clients can benefit from numerous unparalleled value-added services that are specifically designed to support every step of their business water requirements.

Energy Management

Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy and water use while maintaining the latest environmental compliance is a time-consuming and often complex task for any business. As an independent professional organization, we are responsible for this process in a small part of the overall energy and water expenditure, allowing our customers to focus on their areas of expertise.

Our team of carbon consultants will be able to conduct a comprehensive review of your energy management and consumption, and provide suggestions on how to reduce costs. By seizing the major energy-saving opportunities that can be found in most companies, we can identify simple actions to save energy and cut costs where possible, and implement services that can help reduce utility costs.

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The Energy Check - Energy Management

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies

Our goal of reducing harmful emissions and reducing electricity and natural gas consumption is to reduce the total energy, gas and water costs for our clients, including any investment in technology and equipment.

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The Energy Check - Share Save Agreement

Share Save Agreement

As a consultancy, we work on clients’ behalf in providing a unique service to identify if their business is applicable to potential rebates.

Our Energy Saving Experts will work on investigating each of the areas set out in the share save agreement on your behalf.

The Energy Check is offering this service which could potentially uncover cash for businesses, and If it is found that you are owed any rebates, we work to get this for you on a no win no fee basis.

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Net Zero… Target Date 2050

All sectors, industries and parts of society will be required to play a role in bringing down carbon emissions. This will include investment in reducing energy consumption and adopting green technological solutions. If you want to make your business greener but don’t know where to start, our team of energy consultants can help. We can help you implement meaningful changes that will both save your business money and contribute towards its long-term sustainability.

We fully manage our clients’ energy, water and gas portfolio to deliver cost savings using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

The Climate Change Levy is a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the United Kingdom. It aims to provide an incentive to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions; however, there have been ongoing calls to replace it with a proper carbon tax. The CCL applies to businesses in the industrial, public services, commercial and agricultural sectors, and is charged on ‘taxable commodities’ for heating, lighting and power purposes.
Knowing and controlling your kVA allowance may be the difference between spending too much money or spending little money to manage energy needs. If your kVA level is set too high, you will be charged for energy that will never be used. However, if your kVA level is set too low, it may put stress on your wiring and electrical equipment, resulting in a system overload. Our energy saving experts can help determine the correct kVA level required for your site and can set this value correctly via your local DNO and supplier.
We help our clients to do their utmost to both conserve energy and develop a greater understand their consumption – incorporating green energy initiatives wherever possible. While it is inevitable that many large organisations will look to do the bare minimum to comply with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, we believe that this is a mistake.

While the replacement of inefficient systems and equipment may seem daunting, we will help you to create a clear and easy to manage energy reduction plan that is fully costed and projects your business’s return on investment.

EV Charge Points
We can offer Superfast charging points to any viable location in the UK up to 22kw (32A) charging speeds, providing charging for up to 4 cars simultaneously. We take care of the installation from initial scope by conducting a site audit to determine optimal locations, installation of unit, signage and protection barriers and the support of ongoing maintenance.

Home Energy Switching

With a trend towards online ‘self-service’ platforms, we developed an online pricing engine for our domestic energy customers, giving full access to compare all suppliers and tariffs available on the market in one easy view.

Our domestic switching platform works with Ofgem-certified suppliers and has seen our customers save on the cost of household gas and electricity contracts.

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The Energy Check - Home Energy Switching