When RAF Podington, a second World War airfield was decommissioned in 1960, drag racing pioneers converted the disused runway into a dragstrip making Santa Pod Raceway Europe’s first permanent drag racing venue!

Santa Pod opened its gates in 1966, what started back then as a fledgling facility has today become a major motor racing venue and part of Drag racing folklore across Europe.

Santa Pod has gone from strength to strength and is a facility which provides a wide-ranging calendar of more than 60 events, with over 400,000 visitors passing through the gates annually. To ensure a continued bright future on the dragstrip as well as off it, and with a continued focus on the facilities that they can offer it ma sense to manage Santa Pods utilities as sustainably as possible.

After initial meetings with our energy saving experts we renegotiated Santa Pod’s energy contracts ensuring competitive utility rates were secured for the future. A detailed site audit from one of highly qualified engineers followed and although Since its inception way back in 1960, Santa Pod have developed and moved with the times, The Energy Check engineers audit provided invaluable advice.

15% Savings on consumption and cost

As you would expect, our engineers work to exacting standards. The energy efficiency project plan they produced showed significant consumption savings, with us highlighting great potential for better monitoring and potentially solar panels!

As well as being good for the environment, the plan put forward by The Energy Check projects savings of approximately £10,000 per year, proving that even a gas guzzling sport like drag racing can become greener without it costing the earth!