Energy efficiency saving £35,130

Over a thousand 4 to 11 year olds depend on the four primary schools in the Educate Together Trust to give them the best start in life. Founded originally through a parent led campaign, the Trust quite literally provides the building blocks for the future of the communities it serves. So far, our consultants have examined in detail one of the four schools energy and water supply contracts. The results of this and our engineer’s onsite energy audit have delivered both immediate and long-term cost and CO2 reduction benefits.

An immediate saving of 15% in VAT payments dating back over four years was reclaimed from an existing supplier. While the renegotiated energy contracts will save a further £1,000 a year.

Our engineers identified substantial savings in the heating and lighting of the school. As lighting accounts for a peak use load of 70%, the installation of LED will cut electricity consumption by up to 35%. By repurposing some of the existing PV array’s output through to a PCM heat battery, gas consumption will be reduced dramatically. And simple changes in the behaviour of staff and pupils were found to equate to further savings of up to 8%.

“Cuts are constantly being made in the education sector so saving money in these  areas is massively important so we can ensure we use our  funding in the best possible way.”
C. Love, Educate Together