KNF are an American manufacturer of gas and liquid pumps serving the laboratory and processing industries. They’ve been operating in the UK since 1978 and moved into their new head office and service workshop in 2018.

Their new build facility was provided with a power allocation which we discovered in our analysis of site electricity consumption to have been set too high by the local Distribution Network Operator.

Our consultant calculated a new future safe kVA allocation saving an average of £98/month. This figure was arrived at by analysing the site’s power consumption since the building was first commissioned by KNF. We then arrived at a new kVA allowance which provided for any foreseeable growth in demand.

KNF’s premises were less than a year old when they were audited by our engineers. Their findings were surprising given the assumed efficiency of a new building.

Despite the energy efficient design of the building, electricity use on the site was found to be excessive.

HVAC control settings and sensors were effectively creating room/zone conflict: units rapidly switching between heating and cooling. A simple recalibration of sensors and a review of settings is expected to significantly reduce heating and ventilation costs.

Voltage on site was measured at 245V working the 220V equipment too hard, reducing lifespan and excessive energy consumption. A series of voltage optimisation measures will contribute to further reductions in the site’s electricity consumption.

The final and most significant measure proposed by our engineers was the introduction of Solar PV panels. The large pitched roof is ideal for a solar array with the capacity to supply up to 30% of the site’s electricity.

Payback on the project was calculated to be within 4.2 years of commisioning. Utilisation of a specialised funding package provides positive cashflow on the project from Q1 onwards and payback within 5 years.