A small club making a big contribution to the environment

Hebburn FC may not be a huge club, but they’re very much a hub of the town’s community. Their senior team home matches attract a loyal fan base of up to 500. While their very active youth team program and social club ensures there’s activity at the club seven days a week.

Money’s tight in the lower leagues and every penny saved on utilities can make a real difference. Moving forward, the new energy contract we’ve negotiated will make a really positive impact on the club’s bottom line. But, because we’re energy saving experts we wanted to help them win environmental promotion too!

The club has recently refurbished its social club and has taken the first step towards energy efficiency with the installation of LED lighting in this building.

Efficiency projects delivering a projected 26% ROI

However, in their energy audit, The Energy Check consultant engineers found plenty of scope to further reduce energy consumption and CO2.

As well as upgrading the rest of the club’s lighting to LED our engineers recommended PIR sensors to reduce the lighting of unoccupied areas. Most significantly they also specified a solar PV hybrid battery array. Charging during the day and releasing energy during peak times of consumption when tariffs are highest, the array also qualifies for the government’s feed in tariff: saving energy and producing an income.

Our engineers also investigated the behavioural impact on energy consumption in the club. Doors being left ajar and heating changing rooms when not in use, simple changes which could save up to 15% of energy used.