VAT rebate of £7,919 secured

Set in the hamlet of Gentleshaw, Staffordshire, there’s been a school here since 1878. The school’s 140 pupils are housed in the original period building which has been extended with additional units during the 1970/80s.

One of three Academies in the Future Generation Trust, Gentleshaw had not conducted a detailed review of their electricity and gas contracts for some considerable time.

Very early on in our discussions with the school’s Bursar, it became apparent that Gentleshaw’s VAT position in relation to energy payments had not been properly established. As the energy consumed on site is a direct cost on the provision of education, in certain circumstances schools are exempt from VAT.

15% reduction in energy procurement costenergy & water

Further analysis of the current energy contracts in place suggested the school was not well placed in it’s current energy contracts. Their fixed electricity tariff cost was 16.89 pence per kWh. We took the contract out to market and negotiated with a series of suppliers and arrived at a substantially reduced rate.

From the perspective of budget control, it was important to ensure the school was not subject to volatile inflationary pressure on its energy costs. So, our negotiations were focused on achieving maximum savings within the context of a future safe set cost. We delivered a 15% reduction in cost.

A second school in the Trust which also benefitted from a VAT rebate has now joined Gentleshaw in placing their energy with us.

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