Saving £48,995 through energy efficiency projects

Founded in 1875 Doncaster Knights moved to their current location in the 1950s. The club remains true to the rugby union ethos of community wide inclusion with a very healthy mini and women’s rugby programme. As a result the club’s facilities are in all almost constant use seven days a week for up to 18 hours a day. Their Castle Park stadium which forms the hub of the club’s grounds was subject to major investment and the rebuilding of the main stand in 2009. That’s not so long ago, but technology has come a long way since then.

The Energy Check - Doncaster Knights

Energy efficiency gains of 300%

Our consultant engineers’ utilities site audit examined every aspect of the club’s consumption of utilities and scoped out a design package of efficiency measures and tailored finance. Recommendations were made to cover off inefficiencies in areas such as building management systems, heating, lighting and in the real time monitoring of consumption. As well as being good for the club’s finances the positive contribution to the environment of the project is proof that cutting emissions goes hand in hand with cutting costs! And those cost benefits come on stream quickly with a finance package geared specifically to realise a positive cash flow by quarter two of year one.

We help clients reduce their energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

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