Saving £78,994 through energy efficiency projects

There’s an ancient tradition of football in Cambridge, the earliest mention of a somewhat rowdy free for all of a match dates back to 1579. Fast forward to 1845 and it was here the rules of the modern game were first published. So, it’s surprising Cambridge United is something of a youngster, being founded as ‘recently’ as 1912 and only settled in their present location, Abbey Stadium, in 1932. The 8,000 capacity ground has been subject to piecemeal development over the years with the last significant investment in a new stand dating back to 2002.

Delivering a projected 159% return on investment

Following an intensive site audit our consultant engineers developed a detailed business plan to reduce utilities consumption and ensure a positive return on the fully financed package.

Although there had been a partial upgrade of 15% of the lighting to LED controlled by PIR, the greatest saving lay in completing the transition to LED accounting for a net reduction in CO2 of 41t. When allied to Solar PV arrays a further reduction of 28t is achieved and in the longer term battery storage will move the club towards electricity self-sufficiency. In addition to this, voltage optimisation and the installation of a monitoring system will cut omissions by another 28t.