Procurement savings of £805,000

The Cairn Group are one of the largest independent hotel chains in the UK. From 17th century jacobean mansions, victorian grand hotels, all the way through to cutting edge 21st century architecture, the groups’s property portfolio is as eclectic as it is wide. By nature of the business, all are well maintained and presented immaculately.

The group’s electricity, gas and water contracts were spread across multiple suppliers. All these contracts included electricity generated from fossil fuels which the group wanted to move away from.

Working closely with our supply partners, our procurement team consolidated the numerous contracts and achieved the headline savings in a green energy supply package over three years.

Energy efficiency savings of over £4 million

Energy audits, by our CIBSE accredited Low Carbon team, are currently rolling out across the 70 or so properties. Initial findings have identified the quoted seven figure saving from just one project – a highly efficient gas powered hybrid generator/heating unit. As the projects gain traction we expect Cairn Group will be the most environmentally sensitive hospitality provider in the UK.