Buying utilities £19,475 cheaper

Barnsley’s Oakwell stadium has it roots back in the 1880s. So it’s no surprise that the Reds are truly part of the fabric of the town. Over one in ten of Barnsley’s population are regular attendees at the 23,000 capacity stadium. And the very active community out reach program ensures the club provides a positive contribution to the community as a whole.

Performance on and off the pitch is dependent on healthy finances – which is no mean feat outside of the Premiership. Our partnership with Barnsley contributes to the club’s financial security in cutting the cost of utilities and in the medium term cutting consumption while reducing impact on the environment. Our energy efficiency consultant engineers site audit has resulted

in a detailed, fully costed utilities efficiency project plan.

Efficiency projects delivering a projected 21% ROI

The Oakwell sports ground received its last major investment in the late 1990s. Technology has moved on considerably since then. Virtually every aspect of the heating, lighting and water consumption provided room for significant upgrading.

From the projected photovoltaic array, its hybrid battery storage system, to simple modifications to the gas boilers and provision of an onsite water source, the Barnsley facility is set to become one of the most efficient in the league. And with a little help from our engineers how staff actually use the buildings and facilities could make a further contribution of up to 15% at no cost!