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  • Affect Energy
  • Affect Energy logo

    Affect Energy aims to supply great value energy to its customers and make the process as simple as possible. With over 50 years' experience with one of the big energy suppliers, Affect Energy understands how the energy market works and how to keep its customers happy.

  • Angelic Energy
  • Angelic Energy logo

    Owned by Islington Council, Angelic Energy is a not-for-profit energy provider specialising in low-cost gas and electricity for the London area. It has a UK-based call centre, and offers discounts for energy accounts managed online.

  • Avid Energy
  • Avid Energy logo

    Avid Energy supplies energy on a pre-pay basis only, simplifying energy tariffs. Its customers can have a smart meter installed for free, ending the need to provide meter readings. The company has an app that allows customers to track energy usage and manage their accounts.

  • Avro Energy
  • Avro Energy logo

    Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Avro Energy is a small energy supplier established in 2015. Avro Energy does not support the Warm Home Discount Scheme, or participate in the Energy Switch Guarantee. There are not yet enough reviews on this company to assess its customer service.

  • Better Energy
  • Better Energy logo

    An independent energy company, Better Energy supplies gas to domestic customers across Great Britain. It offers low prices, and aims to make every aspect of its service simple and transparent, with no lock-in period or complicated discount scheme.

  • Boost
  • Boost logo

    Boost supplies energy on a pre-pay basis only, allowing customers to top-up and check their accounts using a smart app. Boost can also install a smart meter and supply 33% renewable electricity, all at no extra cost. 

  • Breeze Energy
  • Breeze Energy logo

    Based in Newcastle, Breeze is an ethical employer and promises fair and competitive energy prices. Currently Breeze does not participate in the Warm Home Discount Scheme, or the Energy Switch Guarantee. 

  • Brighter World Energy
  • Brighter World Energy logo

    Brighter World is an ethical energy provider; a solar powered micro grid will be built in a village in Africa for every 2,000 customers who switch, to supply sustainable and clean energy. Brighter World partners with Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit energy supplier.

  • Bristol Energy
  • Bristol Energy logo

    Owned by Bristol City Council, Bristol Energy reinvests its profits back into local communities. Bristol Energy offers a My Green Plus tariff, which uses 100% renewable electricity, as well as supplying free smart meters.

  • British Gas
  • British Gas logo

    The largest of the UK's domestic energy providers, British Gas also supplies and fits boilers, as well as providing boiler cover through its HomeCare scheme. British Gas participates in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • Bulb
  • Bulb logo

    Bulb offers one single low-cost tariff for electricity and gas. Bulb customers are invited to become members of the Bulb Community, where they can ask questions and share energy-related tips.

  • Cardiff Energy Supply Limited
  • Cardiff Energy Supply Limited logo

    Based in Cardiff, Cardiff Energy Supply Limited offers both gas and electricity. Cardiff Energy does not currently support the Warm Home Discount Scheme or participate in the Energy Switch Group.

  • Citizen Energy
  • Citizen Energy logo

    Led by Southampton City Council, CitzEn Energy provides both gas and electricity. It is a  not-for-profit company: any surplus made will be reinvested into local energy efficiency initiatives, which will benefit customers in the Southampton area.

  • Co-operative Energy
  • Co-operative Energy logo

    Co-operative Energy is an energy company owned by its customers, with profits shared with members of the Co-op. Co-operative Energy aims to ensure that the energy supplied to customers is low carbon, through the avoidance of coal and by supporting renewable energy projects.

  • Daligas
  • Daligas logo

    Daligas provides only gas to its customers. Payments for gas usage are calculated through the company's Budget Billing Plan (BPP), with the usage averaged out across a year and payment made in 12 equal monthly instalments.

  • E
  • E logo

    E Energy is a Birmingham-based gas and electricity supplier. E doesn't take part in the Warm Home Discount Scheme or the Energy Switch Guarantee, but you can still compare it against the rest of the market.

  • E.ON
  • E.ON logo

    Formerly known as PowerGen, E.On Energy is one of the UK's 'Big Six' energy suppliers. It has recently begun to generate more energy from renewable sources. E.On is focussed on keeping energy costs down and providing a responsive, friendly and helpful service. E.On supports the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • EBICo
  • EBICo logo

    Ebico is a not-for-profit gas and electricity provider, established in 1998 and dedicated to fighting fuel poverty. Partnered with Robin Hood Energy, who supply the energy on their behalf, as well as providing their meter management and billing services, Ebico offers a range of energy plans to suit different budgets.

  • Economy Energy
  • Economy Energy logo

    A Coventry-based gas and electricity supplier, Economy Energy offers low-cost tariffs, and aims to provide a better deal for energy customers, together with excellent customer service. Economy Energy takes part in the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

  • Economy Seven Energy
  • Economy Seven Energy logo

    Economy Seven Energy provides gas and 100% renewable electricity as standard, sourced from sustainable and renewable sources such as wind, biothermal and solar. The company is a partner of DONG Energy, the world leader in wind technology.

  • Ecotricity
  • Ecotricity logo

    Ecotricity was the first fully green supplier of electricity, not just in Britain but anywhere in the world. The company's Green Electricity is generated by the wind and the sun, and Green Gas which, over time, will be made from organic material.

  • EDF Energy
  • EDF Energy logo

    EDF Energy is one of the 'Big Six' suppliers in the UK, producing one-fifth of the country's electricity from a wide variety of sources, including wind farms, traditional power plants and nuclear. EDF Energy participates in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • Electraphase
  • Electraphase logo

    Ephase was founded to provide customers with competitively-priced tariffs. Committed to offering a seamless automated service, using smart meters, Ephase aims for the highest levels of satisfaction for its customers. 

  • EnergySW
  • EnergySW logo

    EnergySW aims to offer a straightforward and competitively priced service to residents in the South West region. EnergySW is a collaboration between AdvantageSW and OVO, an award-winning supplier created by friends who sat down and listed what they wanted from energy companies, but weren't getting. 

  • Engie
  • Engie logo

    ENGIE is one the UK's largest independent producers of energy. ENGIE is investing in critical energy infrastructure to lead the UK's move to a more secure and sustainable future, through the use of new customer-led solutions and technology. 

  • Enstroga
  • Enstroga logo

    ENSTROGA supplies both gas and electricity and is part of a Europe-wide family of energy companies. ENSTROGA's main focus is on providing a reliable and straightforward customer service, with a commitment to fair pricing.

  • Entice Energy
  • Entice Energy logo

    An independent energy supplier based in Derbyshire, Entice Energy offers low-cost gas across the UK. Entice Energy customers can book appointments online with their account manager, allowing them to speak to the same person every time.

  • ESB Energy
  • ESB Energy logo

    ESB Energy is a part of the ESB Group, a leading Irish energy company. For over 20 years, ESB Energy has been investing significantly in renewables, including 18 wind farms and 9 hydroelectric plants across Britain and Ireland. 

  • Eversmart Energy
  • Eversmart Energy logo

    A new Manchester-based energy supplier, Eversmart does not currently support the Warm Home Discount Scheme or the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • First Utility
  • First Utility logo

    One of the largest independent energy companies, First Utility is also the fastest growing in the UK. The company is committed to reducing bills by offering cheaper tariffs and using innovative technology to help customers save energy.

  • Fischer Energy
  • Fischer Energy logo

    Based in Leicester, Fischer Energy is an energy supplier created to appeal to customers who value fairness, honesty and loyalty. The company offers only one tariff, to ensure that all its customers pay the best price.

  • Flow Energy
  • Flow Energy logo

    Based in Suffolk, Flow Energy supplies energy nationwide. The company offers both fixed and variable dual fuel tariffs, and supplies 50% renewable electricity as standard, with the option for customers to choose 100% renewable electricity.

  • Future Energy
  • Future Energy logo

    As of 25/01/2018 Future Energy has ceased to trade. Ofgem has appointed Green Star Energy to take Future Energy's customers and  will offer Future Energy's customers their energy at the same cost that they were previously paying. 

  • GB Energy Supply
  • GB Energy Supply logo

    In 2016, GB Energy became part of Co-operative Energy who, with no shareholders, offer fair and competitive prices. Co-operative Energy aims to supply low carbon energy, through the avoidance of coal and by supporting renewable energy projects. 

  • GEN4U Ltd
  • GEN4U Ltd logo

    GEN4U was created to supply the cleanest gas and electricity to its customers that would, when possible, have the lowest impact on customers' bills and on the environment. GEN4U work hard to ensure that their practices are customer focused.

  • Glide
  • Glide logo

    Founded in 2006, Glide is a small Birmingham-based supplier of gas and electricity. Glide does not currently support the Warm Home Discount Scheme or the Energy Switch Guarantee. 

  • Go Effortless Energy
  • Go Effortless Energy logo

    Founded in January 2015, Go Effortless is a family-owned business, set up to provide the best service possible. Go Effortless strives to keep things honest and simple, and offers only one tariff, keeping overheads low, and passing savings to its customers.

  • Good Energy
  • Good Energy logo

    Good Energy is an independent supplier of renewable electricity founded in 1999 as a response to climate change. Good Energy's renewable energy sources include solar, wind and wave power. The company strives for simplicity and transparency in its dealings with customers.

  • Great North Energy
  • Great North Energy logo

    Great North Energy was launched in November 2017 by Doncaster Council and its partner, Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit energy supplier. There are no shareholders, so profits are used to keep prices low and to invest in energy-saving projects to help local people. 

  • Green Energy (UK) plc
  • Green Energy (UK) plc logo

    Based in Hertfordshire, Green Energy is a renewable energy supplier. The company currently does not participate in the Warm Home Discount Scheme, or back the Energy Switch Guarantee. 

  • Green Network Energy
  • Green Network Energy logo

    Founded in 2003 by an enthusiastic group of professionals, the Green Network Group is a well-established and reliable operator in the Italian energy market. In 2012 the company launched in the UK, and aims to build an honest and lasting relationship with its customers.

  • Green Star Energy
  • Green Star Energy logo

    Green Star Energy is part of the Just Energy Group, founded in Canada in 1997. UK customers can expect straightforward options through the company's fixed and variable price programmes. The Milton Keynes-based customer support team strives to keep call waiting to less than a minute. 

  • Gulf Gas & Power UK
  • Gulf Gas & Power UK logo

    Gulf Gas & Power UK is an energy supplier that offers great value electricity and gas, with easy to understand tariffs. With over 100 years' experience in a range of fields, the company is committed to putting passion into everything they do for their energy customers. 

  • Hebrides Energy
  • Hebrides Energy logo

    A not-for-profit community interest company, Hebrides Energy is based in the Outer Hebrides. The company works in partnership with Our Power to promote a range of Hebridean tariffs exclusive to the islands. 

  • Igloo Energy
  • Igloo Energy logo

    A new energy supplier, Igloo aims to help its customers create energy-efficient, comfortable homes that are cheaper to run. Igloo is focused on the connected generation, offering integration with smart appliances controlled through phones and tablets.

  • IRESA Limited
  • IRESA Limited logo

    Iresa has ceased trading, however, Ofgem will appoint a new energy supplier.

  • LECCY logo

    The aim of the Liverpool Energy Community Company – LECCY - is to offer low-cost gas and electricity to Liverpool and surrounding areas. A particular aim of LECCY is to support prepayment customers and help them to move onto the best and cheapest alternatives.

  • Lumo Energy
  • Lumo Energy logo

    Originally an energy price comparison website, Lumo is now an energy supply company. It aims to make life simple for its customers, and offers a dual fuel fixed-rate tariff, which can be managed through its mobile app.

  • M&S Energy
  • M&S Energy logo

    M&S Energy is supplied by SSE to provide straightforward, great value energy packages, supported by UK-based customer service centres. M&S Energy is unavailable in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • Nabuh Energy
  • Nabuh Energy logo

    Nabuh Energy supplies energy to both pre-pay and Direct Debit utility customers. Using the latest technology, the company's focus is on saving money for its customers.

  • National Gas
  • National Gas logo

    Based in London, National Gas supplies gas only. National Gas is a very new supplier and does not currently support the Warm Home Discount Scheme or the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • Npower
  • Npower logo

    Npower is one of the 'Big Six' energy suppliers. Its tariffs are not always the cheapest available, though its ‘In Control Bundle’ does help to create a more energy-efficient home. The company takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • Octopus Energy
  • Octopus Energy logo

    Launched in 2015, Octopus Energy set out to build a positive customer experience, and to invest in renewable generation and a low CO2 future. The company takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • Oink Energy
  • Oink Energy logo

    Established in 2014, Oink Energy rebranded as Green Energy UK in 2016. Oink Energy customers will have been notified of the change of name, and their supply will not have been affected.

  • One Select
  • One Select logo

    OneSelect keep their business costs low and operate mainly online, passing on savings to their customers. They offer simple tariffs, fixed-price 12 month contracts, do not charge exit fees, and pride themselves on their excellent customer service record. 

  • Orbit Energy
  • Orbit Energy logo

    Orbit Energy has a unique relationship with one of the world’s largest wholesale gas and electricity producers, which means they can offer customers secure, competitively-priced, energy. 

  • Our Power
  • Our Power logo

    Our Power is a not-for-profit energy supplier, owned by social housing providers, community organisations and local authorities, and aims to offer low-cost tariffs and fair pricing, whilst also helping the planet.

  • Outfox the Market
  • Outfox the Market logo

    Outfox the Market uses 100% green energy. By paying a monthly membership fee, based on their energy usage and starting at £6.99, customers have no standing charges and get their energy at wholesale prices. 

  • OVO Energy
  • OVO Energy logo

    OVO Energy launched in 2009. It keeps an active eye on wholesale prices, buys at the right time and passes back any savings to its customers. The OVO Foundation tackles issues with the environment, youth poverty, and homelessness. 

  • Peterborough Energy
  • Peterborough Energy logo

    Peterborough Energy is a partnership between Peterborough City Council and independent supplier OVO Energy. The company does not currently support the Warm Home Discount Scheme, or participate in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

  • PFP Energy
  • PFP Energy logo

    Based in Preston, PFP Energy has developed a reputation for excellent customer service. The company has comprehensive access to the wholesale energy market, enabling it to offer competitive tariffs. 

  • Powershop
  • Powershop logo

    Originally founded in New Zealand, Powershop believes that buying energy can be simplified. Accounts are managed online or via a mobile app, where Powerpacks of electricity are bought. Powerpacks can be tailored to suit the customer's energy needs.

  • Pure Planet
  • Pure Planet logo

    Pure Planet is the first UK app-only renewable energy supplier, with accounts managed via a smartphone or tablet. Electricity is 100% renewable and gas is 100% carbon offset, with one simple tariff for both which means that customers are always on the best value rate.

  • RAM Energy
  • RAM Energy logo

    A not-for-profit energy provider, RAM Energy was created by Derby City Council for customers in Derby and the Midlands. It offers competitive prices for gas and electricity, and discounts for accounts managed online.

  • Robin Hood Energy
  • Robin Hood Energy logo

    Robin Hood Energy is a not-for-profit, independent energy supplier. The company aims to provide customers across the UK with gas and electricity at the lowest possible prices. Bills are paid on a monthly basis, and there are no cancellation fees or tie-in period. 

  • Sainsbury's Energy
  • Sainsbury's Energy logo

    Sainsbury's Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury's supermarkets and British Gas. It offers face-to-face advice in Sainsbury's stores across the UK, and is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee. 

  • Scottish Power
  • Scottish Power logo

    Scottish Power supplies gas and electricity in the UK. It is at the forefront of building a sustainable energy future for everyone, through innovation and investment in renewable energy.

  • Simplicity Energy
  • Simplicity Energy logo

    Simplicity Energy knows that lots of people are confused by their energy companies. So they simplify things, and their customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

  • Snowdrop Energy
  • Snowdrop Energy logo

    Snowdrop Energy is the smart and friendly answer for landlords, letting agents and tenants, with a specific tariff designed around the habits of short-term tenants, students, and house sharers. 

  • So Energy
  • So Energy logo

    So Energy is a new, London-based energy supplier. There is no information on the quality of its switching process or its customer service, and it does not take part in the Warm Home Discount Scheme or the Energy Switch Guarantee. 

  • Solarplicity Energy Ltd
  • Solarplicity Energy Ltd logo

    Previously known as LoCO2, Solarplicity has been helping provide customers with 100% renewable electricity since 2009. They aim to provide 100% renewable, ethical and affordable energy for all. 

  • Southend Energy
  • Southend Energy logo

    Southend Energy is a partnership between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and OVO Energy, an award-winning independent energy supplier, serving households in Southend-on-Sea. It aims to provide hassle-free, customer-focused service and fairer prices. 

  • SSE Atlantic
  • SSE Atlantic logo

    SSE Atlantic serves customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  It believes in making energy simpler, more transparent and better value for its customers. 

  • SSE Scottish Hydro
  • SSE Scottish Hydro logo

    SSE Scottish Hydro serves customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It believes in making energy simpler, more transparent and better value for its customers. 

  • SSE Southern Electric
  • SSE Southern Electric logo

    SSE Southern Electric serves customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It believes in making energy simpler, more transparent and better value for its customers. 

  • SSE Swalec
  • SSE Swalec logo

    SSE Swalec serves customer accounts across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It believes in making energy simpler, more transparent and better value for its customers. 

  • Telecom Plus
  • Telecom Plus logo

    Telecom Plus Plc trades as Utility Warehouse and provides gas and electricity. It promises guaranteed savings compared with the cheapest variable tariffs of the 'Big Six' energy suppliers.

  • The Energy Deal
  • The Energy Deal logo

    Working in Partnership with not-for-profit supplier Robin Hood Energy, the Energy Deal has simple goals: low energy prices, fantastic customer service and a brand that customers can trust. 

  • The People's Energy Company
  • The People's Energy Company logo

    The People's Energy Company is a renewable and ethical energy supplier, launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign. People's Energy wants its customers to have ownership, and gives 75% of its profits back to its customers. 

  • Together Energy
  • Together Energy logo

    Together Energy is a UK-based gas and electricity company, which entered the supply market in 2016, and aims to become the most trusted energy supplier in the UK. Their directors have a hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the company. 

  • Tonik Energy
  • Tonik Energy logo

    Tonik Energy aims to help its customers use less energy, with new technologies, helpful advice and useful insights. The company is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee scheme.

  • Toto Energy
  • Toto Energy logo

    Toto Energy's mission is to deliver smart energy and even smarter prices, with technologies like smart meters giving its customers control and convenience. It buys energy wholesale, and doesn't advertise on TV – helping to save its customers money.

  • Usio Energy Supply Limited
  • Usio Energy Supply Limited logo

    USIO supplies 100% green and renewable energy, and helps its customers learn about their energy usage so they can save money. USIO uses smart tariffs to build customers’ energy use profiles and buys only the energy customers actually need. 

  • Utilita
  • Utilita logo

    Utilita Energy is Britain's leading supplier of Pay As You Go gas and electricity. It installs convenient, marketing-leading smart meters at no extra cost, allowing customers to take control of their energy usage. 

  • Utility Point
  • Utility Point logo

    Utility Point is committed to greater energy efficiency, and a dedicated and personalised service. It helps customers take control of their energy use, protecting them from price rises, releasing less carbon into the atmosphere, and putting more money back in their pockets. 

  • Wasps Energy
  • Wasps Energy logo

    Wasps Rugby Club has partnered with npower to reward its loyal supporters with great energy deals, as well as the opportunity to receive other exclusive club-based benefits. 

  • White Rose Energy
  • White Rose Energy logo

    Launched in September 2016, White Rose Energy is a not-for-profit energy provider, working in partnership with Robin Hood Energy, and open to everyone in Yorkshire. It aims to provide low prices, great customer service, and a fairer deal for prepayment customers. 

  • Wigan Warriors Energy
  • Wigan Warriors Energy logo

    Wigan Warriors Rugby Club has partnered with npower to reward its loyal supporters with great energy deals, as well as the opportunity to receive other exclusive club based benefits. 

  • Yorkshire Energy
  • Yorkshire Energy logo

    Launched in May 2018, and based in the heart of Leeds, Yorkshire Energy believes everyone should have access to great value gas and electricity. Its team is made up of people who know first-hand just how unfair and complex the energy market can be. 

  • Your Energy Sussex
  • Your Energy Sussex logo

    Your Energy Sussex is a not-for-profit energy company serving West Sussex, East Sussex, and surrounding areas, in partnership with Robin Hood Energy. Your Energy Sussex offers competitive energy tariffs, excellent customer service and honest, straightforward advice.

  • Zebra Power
  • Zebra Power logo

    Zebra Power is an independent British-owned energy supplier, with competitive consumer prices and exceptional customer service. It promises an open and honest approach, and a friendly UK-based support team.

  • Zog Energy
  • Zog Energy logo

    Zog Energy is a domestic gas supply company offering a transparent, easy to understand tariff. Zog is committed to providing the best possible value energy.

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