We’re here to provide you with cheaper electricity, gas and water and improve your farm’s productivity

Cutting back on waste comes naturally to farmers. It goes without saying you’re pretty frugal when it comes to using electricity, gas and water on the farm.

Lower cost energy isn’t just about those solar panels you got before the feed in tariff was reduced, or that anaerobic digester you still have your eye on. It can often be as easy as simply paying less for what you use and there’s more than one way we could achieve that for you.

Pay less climate change

From what farmers have told us, this ‘back door tax’ on farming isn’t that well known. But the CCL could be costing your farm business as much as 10% more on top of your electricity or mains gas bills. Unless you’re one of the few who noticed, that carbon tax can be reduced by up to 90% through a discount scheme.

Only pay for the energy you use

Unlike oil or LPG you don’t get to see how much electricity’s being delivered to the farm. If your supplier has allocated too much power, known as the kVA allowance, you will be paying for electricity which you will never use – how daft is that? Very, when you think you could be paying £100s if not £1000s for electricity that didn’t get as far as even your meter!

Secure lower cost farm business utilities

Farmers are tough negotiators, but do you really have the time to work your way through the hundreds of tariffs and suppliers? You need a farm energy saving expert on the case - a hard nosed negotiator, who knows the market inside out.

Who’ll analyse your current contract, advise you on the potential energy price rises and, most importantly, enter into some straight talking negotiations with the best suppliers for your farm business. The best part of the deal is that we do all the hard work and if you decide to switch farm energy supplier we’ll arrange everything for you with your new supplier.

Farm business diversification energy experts

If you’re one the two thirds of farms who’ve diversified and opened a farm shop, restaurant or café, an indoor equestrian arena, or you’re letting out property your farm business energy consumption will have increased. Just like the rest of the farm business our energy saving experts can help you renegotiate your diversified farm enterprise onto lower priced energy and help you reduce consumption.

Energy performance certificates on the farm

If you’ve never heard of an EPC before and you’re letting out farm property or have buildings which are open to the public you might be fined up to £5,000. Whether the property is long term residential or holiday lets, a shop, indoor equestrian arena, office space or any other diversified farm enterprise building you must have an energy performance certificate.

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