LED Lighting and Lighting Controls

LED lighting is not only more efficient but also saves 30-50% of energy than replacement lighting, it can also extend maintenance time and reduce service life costs.

Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation

Our consultants can analyze the incoming connections and set a logger up to confirm the voltage being found on-site. Benefits will include a reduction in kWh utilized and also extending the lifetime of appliances and electrical/electronic equipment.

Refrigeration Technology

We have the technology that helps reduce energy consumption in refrigerators from small to large scale operators. Its working principle is that when it is determined that the air temperature in the refrigerator drops, the refrigerator runs a cooling cycle. This means that the refrigeration unit only activates the cooling cycle when it is actually necessary. This can result in a reduction in cycles of as much as 85%.

Wind Turbines

For clients with a vast site, we can investigate the possibilities and benefits of wind technology. There are many plans and environmental conditions that need to be met, but suitable sites can benefit from economically advantageous large-scale energy sources.

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Solar PV

We can provide our clients with solar photovoltaic power generation, which we believe is still a viable option for on-site power generation. Although the feed-in tariff is reduced, it is still economically feasible to install solar photovoltaic power generation by providing suitable conditions on site instead of taking electricity from the grid and significantly reducing operating power costs.

We help clients reduce their energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

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CHP (Gas or Biomass)

For clients who require high heat demand, CHP is usually an ideal solution to reduce energy costs. The fuel burned natural gas or biomass enables the turbine to generate electricity. Then, the excess heat is used to provide hot water for the heating system, swimming pool, domestic hot water system and hot air heating system through the heat exchanger. The advantage is that it avoids the loss of electricity caused by power transmission, and uses the excess heat generated by the process on-site.

Heating Systems

A Gas CHP is a great way for our clients to generate their own electricity on-site by utilizing the excess heat generated to heat their premises and provide hot water. By using gas to generate your electricity on-site, there are greater efficiencies recognised and it prevents the waste lost through the transportation of electricity across the network and has a higher thermal efficiency over traditional electricity generation.

Due to this, the government incentivises and supports its roll-out with schemes such as CCL and Carbon Price Support exemptions and Enhanced Capital Allowances. There are further schemes such as RHI and CfD which can provide the customer with revenue for using renewable heating sources and/or providing electricity back into the grid.

Battery Storage

We can provide customers with battery storage systems that allow you to obtain heat or electricity (usually from renewable energy systems) at any time, and save it until it is useful to you. Since the battery is charged at night and released during peak periods, it can reduce the cost of using energy directly from the grid during periods of high demand. It can also be used to feedback to the local grid, so it can benefit from government payments back.

Water Saving Technologies

Our clients with sufficiently large roof catchments can benefit from rainwater harvesting. The rainwater tank can sort and filter the water that is common on-site, and provide a separate piping system for drinking water for all other systems on the premises.

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