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Saving Energy at Work Saving Energy at Work

The ins and outs of switching business electricity, gas and water supplier

Here’s a quick introduction to the commercial gas, electricity and water markets, a few reasons you might want to consider switching your supplier and how easy we can make it for you.

Switch your business utilities in one short phone call or online in minutes

The choice of how much you pay for your gas, electricity and water should be yours. But unless you’re prepared to wade through over a hundred different suppliers and the intricacies of their very complicated tariff structures it’s something best left to the experts. The thing about a good expert, an energy saving expert, is they make it easy for you.

So, if you’re a small employer and spend less than £5,000 a year on energy go online and in a few minutes we’ll have compared prices and sent you quotes. From there all you have to do is choose the best deal and hit the button – we'll arrange everything with your new electricity or gas supplier.

If you spend more than £5,000 a year on energy, give us a call and we’ll do some hard-nosed negotiating with suppliers and give you a choice of electricity tariffs and prices. Once you’ve made your choice we’ll handle all the paper work and get you onto the most competitive deal as quickly as possible.

Why switch energy or water supplier?

The answer’s pretty obvious – to reduce the cost of business utilities! And because the supplier contracts run from 1 year to anything up to 6 years there are an awful lot of businesses out there who haven’t checked whether they’ve got a good deal for quite a while. There are companies who have come out of contract and are ‘rolling over’ on utility deals that just aren’t competitive!

If you allow your supplier contract to roll-over you could end up paying much more for your utilities

Do nothing to renew or renegotiate your electricity, gas or water contract and you’ll probably end up paying out-of-contract rates. That can mean up to 50% higher energy prices if you’re not careful.

I’m in a contract, can I still switch supplier or tariff?

You can’t pull out of an existing contract with a supplier. But we can trade on future energy costs today and negotiate a price that could be lower than the going rate you might be faced if you wait until your contract’s due to expire in a year or so’s time. That way you can do your financial planning with accurate energy prices. In the shorter term there’s still things we can do to help you to reduce your utilities consumption, check them out here.

Speak to a consultant about your contract

But a cheaper gas, electricity or water price means inferior customer service, right?

Wrong. The two things don’t have to go together! Some of the best deals and customer service are provided by suppliers you may never even have heard of. It’s a very competitive market and the best suppliers compete on their excellent customer service as well as the price of the utilities they provide. We know the suppliers inside out and help you get the right balance between the price you pay from your business utilities and the support you need.

What do I need to get the most accurate utilities price comparison for my business?

An energy saving expert from The Energy Check! We’ll do all the ground work. If you employ less than 25 people our online energy comparison service might be best for you. Employ over 25 people and you probably need a consultant on board to negotiate with suppliers direct on your behalf.

Either way we’ll need to know some basics. Where your business is, your current supplier and a few details off your electricity, gas or water invoice.

I see you need an MPAN or MPRN number to quote on my energy

Every electricity meter has a unique number called an MPAN for gas meters it’s called an MPRN. We need this so we can confirm the detail of your energy supply type and consumption. If you decide to switch supplier we’ll also need this information for your new supplier so they can change you over with as little effort as possible.

The easiest place to find your MPAN or MPRN is on your electricity or gas bill. It’ll look like this:

MPAN example:

example of electricty MPAN number

MPRN example:

example of electricty MPRN number

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