Reduced business energy consumption and improved efficiency Reduced business energy consumption and improved efficiency

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One thing’s for certain you know you’d like to pay less for your business’ utilities. But, are you unsure of how your business really uses its power and water, or of how much it’s actually consuming? If so, you’re not alone. As many as half of all senior managers have no idea what proportion of their business expenditure goes on energy costs.

You might treat utilities as a fixed cost and your utilities supplier may tell you just that. But, trust us, on top of finding the most competitive tariff, there’s a huge range of ways you could reduce your energy costs by up to 20% by taking a few simple steps to reduce your electricity, gas and water consumption.

The Energy Check can help with a wide range of business utility efficiency systems. Here’s a few of the energy efficiency solutions we can recommend to help you cut your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Reduced business energy consumption and improved efficiency

Our team of highly qualified and experienced utilities engineers work with businesses just like yours to identify where energy is being wasted and how it could be saved. That might mean something as simple as recommending that you turn down your thermostat a degree or two! But it can also mean introducing you to the potential of the next generation of utilities technologies.

The Energy Check is strongly focused on the environment, clean energy and sustainability – we believe it’s the way ahead. And we can help you to stay ahead of the curve by showing you how to invest in these cleaner, renewable and more efficient technologies.

We’ll introduce you to low cost renewable energy sources, and energy and water efficiency technologies, that will bring down your bills and reduce your impact on the environment. We’ll tell you what you’ll need to invest, the savings you’ll achieve and the time it will take you to recoup your investment.

Grants and rebates

Energy grants and rebates

There are lots of useful rebates, tax breaks and other incentives available to businesses like yours that wish to become more energy efficient, use renewable energies and reduce their carbon footprint. At The Energy Check, our energy saving experts can tell you what’s available to you and how you can apply for it.

Battery storage

Battery storage can be a terrific way for businesses to cut their electricity bills. They work by charging up during the cheapest tariff periods, or by storing self-generated electricity. This energy can then be used during peak usage times, or at times when electricity tariffs are at their highest. They can also reduce your dependence on the National Grid.

The Energy Check has a range of battery storage systems to suit businesses of all sizes, many of which can be connected to existing solar, wind and hydro electricity systems.

Battery storage

Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems

With fuel prices rising, a solar thermal heating system could bring you significant savings on your heating bill.

These systems are especially effective if your business uses a substantial amount of hot water. They’re perfect for a range of sectors, including agriculture, hospitality and leisure, as well as being a good fit for new build premises.

LED lighting

LEDs – Light Emitting Diodes – are a super-energy-efficient and reliable form of lighting. Many businesses are already switching to LEDs, as a cost-effective and future-proof investment.

Apart from suggesting that you replace your existing lamps, The Energy Check can also recommend a range of control mechanisms that ensure your lights are switched on only when you need them.

LED lighting

Energy-saving technologies

Energy-saving technologies

Systems like heating, lighting and air conditioning can account for as much as 75% of your building’s energy use. But it can be easier than you might think to cut these costs substantially.

Many businesses are now discovering the benefits of the latest Business Management Systems (BMS), which use Internet of Things (IOT) technologies. Some of these systems are quite simple, such as sensors that turn off lights when there’s nobody in the room. But they can be quite complex too: imagine your heating system adjusting itself to take account of the number of people in a room, and the warmth their bodies will generate!

Technologies like these are helping to make impressive reductions in energy waste in commercial buildings. Yours could be one of them.

[If you call us today, we can tell you all about BMS and IOT, and how they can help save you energy.]

Commercial solar PV

Solar power systems are quickly gaining popularity with business owners, and it’s easy to understand why. Solar PV systems reduce energy costs and can even generate income: a commercial premises of sufficient size can generate between 17% and 22% ROI from feed-in tariffs combined with energy bill savings.

PV also substantially reduces your carbon footprint – a boost to your green credentials that can be good for business in itself!

[Speak to us today about the potential benefits of a solar PV system for your business.]

Commercial solar PV

Biomass energy

Biomass energy

Biomass boilers can be a great investment for your business. They work by burning wood pellets, logs or animal waste, to provide heating and hot water.

Switching to a biomass boiler can give your business a huge saving of up to 50% on fuel costs, and will cut your CO2 emissions by 100%! What’s more, it takes no time at all to pay for itself: with a payback period of as little as 2 years, a biomass system could be the perfect investment for your business.

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