The Energy Triads have been announced. But what are they and why are they relevant for your energy bills?

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The Energy Triads have been announced. But what are they and why are they relevant for your energy bills?

Beware the charges that could see your business energy bills soar

You may not have heard of energy triads before. But these key energy indicators are well worth knowing about because they can have a profound effect on your annual bill total.

Energy Triads are so-called because they consist of three half-hour settlement periods of the highest demand on the GB electricity transmission system over the winter period between November and February.

While we all know that energy usage is typically greater in the colder months than in the warmer ones, these three half-hour blocks – which must be separated by at least 10 clear days – show when the biggest surges occur. And they are used by the industry to help maintain supply and reduce peak energy demand during the winter months. But they can also represent a large percentage of a business’s half-hourly (HH) electricity costs for the next financial year.


The National Grid uses Triads to calculate future Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) demand charges, which are applicable to all customers with HH settlement meters.

Triad dates 2019

• Triad 1: Monday 18th November – 5.30pm (44,308MW)

• Triad 2: Monday 2nd December – 5.30pm (44,160MW)

• Triad 3: Tuesday 17th December – 5pm (43,546MW)

What’s so interesting about the latest Triads?

Unusually, all three of the most recent Triad electricity charges were recorded before the New Year – i.e. between 1st November and 31st December 2019. This suggests that January and February 2020 were particularly mild and that energy usage through HH meters was lower than in years gone by.

Why should businesses take note?

Businesses who do not consume electricity during the Triad half-hours can avoid paying TNUoS charges for the entire financial year, which can make a significant difference to energy bills.

If you are wondering how you can anticipate the Triads through the winter, there are a number of services available that alert organisations about the possible onset of a Triad period – giving you the opportunity to reduce your demand during these periods and potentially side-stepping hefty additions to bills.

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