How energy monitoring devices can help you save on business energy costs

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How energy monitoring devices can help you save on business energy costs

You’re using a smart meter at home, so why isn’t your business utilising energy monitoring devices to keep utility bills down?

Any entrepreneur will agree that keeping on top of finances is crucial to running a successful business, so anything that helps you save on your spending is more than welcome. And with a modern energy monitoring device, businesses of all sizes can make a meaningful difference to their overheads.

So what are energy monitoring devices?

Well, first of all, they’re not smart meters. Smart meters work by sending meter readings to your supplier to ensure your bills are up-to-date and accurate. In contrast, energy monitoring devices are there to help you understand how much electricity you’re using by displaying your energy consumption as it happens.

Energy monitoring devices show your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours and by cost. This allows you to see what is using up the most electricity and gives you control over how you use electronic devices, machinery and the like. For many businesses, the introduction of an energy monitoring device is quickly followed by the setting of targets – with every member of the organisation working hard to cut consumption wherever possible.

Figures from British Gas reveal that businesses can save around 10% on electricity costs by making small changes identified through the use of an energy monitoring device.

How do energy monitoring devices work?

Energy monitoring devices like those from our partners at Measure My Energy are reasonably priced and they’re quick to install into any business setting.

These real-time utilities analytics tools report in detail on business premises consumption – right down to usage at appliance level. Areas or pieces of equipment that are inefficient are quickly highlighted and fed back to a cloud-based software system displayed on a user-friendly dashboard.

By putting business decision makers in control of their usage via their desktop or mobile device makes effective energy management possible for organisations of all sizes and sectors. Alerts can even be set up to report on energy consumption spikes providing early warning of equipment malfunction.

For those businesses working across multiple sites, the system can be configured to show individual as well as combined dashboard reports.

Find out more about how we can help with energy management and monitoring here.

How to save business costs using energy monitoring devices

There are several simple ways that energy monitoring devices can help you rein in your spending. It’s best to start simply by noting down how and when your electricity is being used. Then follow up by setting benchmarks and identifying necessary changes that conserve energy but don’t compromise on productivity or business essentials.

Switch off everything you can to get a picture of how much energy your business is using as a starting point. Then, start by switching on lights and devices in your office. You can monitor how much these increase your energy usage.

When doing this, look out for those “vampire devices” identified via your power distribution monitor. These are the machines that are sucking up a particularly large amount of electricity. They may be older items, or just inefficient appliances that are overused by staff.

You can also look out for any changes in energy consumption throughout the working day. Unexplained spikes could show a device that’s been left on unnecessarily, or one that isn’t working properly. Often, solutions can be as simple as leaving on meeting room lights all day rather than just when in use.

Switching your energy supplier can also be an effective way of reducing your utility bills. Start comparing prices today with The Energy Check by clicking here, or get in touch with our team by calling 0191 691 18 02.

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