Should I be thinking about turning off my boiler for the summer?

by Ian Sinkamba Domestic Energy News

Should I be thinking about turning off my boiler for the summer?

As the weather begins to turn (slightly) warmer, we look about how to give your boiler a rest in the best way.

For most of us, turning off or turning down the heating during the summer is a standard thing to do as spring gets underway. It’s a smart way to save costs on your energy bills when you aren’t relying on your central heating to keep your home warm. But what about switching off your boiler altogether?

Some people may be able to enjoy a significant cut to their energy costs during the summer by switching off their boiler completely, particularly if your home features electric showers. This may sound tempting, but it’s not an option which will suit every home, household and lifestyle.

There are certain factors involved in deciding what the best course of action is for your boiler as the weather gets warmer. Let’s take a look.

Who can turn their boiler off?

If you don’t already know what kind of boiler you’re hiding in the cupboard at the back of your house, now’s the time to take a peek. Households with an old gas boiler (10 years or more) can certainly benefit from turning off the boiler altogether in the warmer months, especially if it’s a boiler featuring a continuous pilot light.

Even households with newer, modern boilers may be able to switch it off for the summer, providing that the water cistern is not a modern one coated with polystyrene.

The other appliances and fixtures you have in your home can also take much of the strain during the summer months, helping to give your boiler a rest. For example, if you have an electric shower and an electric dishwasher, the only water that needs to come from the mains supply will be those that come through the taps at your sink.

What’s more, even old washing machines and dishwashers with hot fill (where the machine uses water heated by your boiler) can be used when the boiler is off. This is because many are still able to heat up cold water to the necessary temperature for internal use.

Modern machines which are cold fill will not require any external hot water at all, so dialling down your boiler shouldn’t affect the cleaning of your clothes or dishes.

Why use your boiler in the summer?

If you rely on water from your boiler for daily use, such as when showering, bathing or running taps for the sinks, then you will probably find switching off your boiler altogether during the summer quite a frustrating process. However, you will still want to knock off the central heating so that you don’t find your radiators happily warming a room in mid-July.

No matter what kind of boiler or appliances you have, however, it’s always best to run your central heating and hot water occasionally during the summer, even if you don’t need them. This is to make sure the pump and diverter valve that circulate fluid to the radiators and hot water cistern don’t become seized up. Performing these occasional checks will stop you being faced with boiler trouble in the autumn when you’re ready to switch your heating back on.

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