I’m a Brilliant Energy customer. What happens now?

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I’m a Brilliant Energy customer. What happens now?

Ofgem confirms that former customers of Brilliant Energy should have no concerns about their energy supply, following the company’s closure.

Gosforth-based energy supplier Brilliant Energy ceased trading this month. And if you were one of the company’s 17,000 customers, you’re probably wondering what next. Will you need to sign up with another supplier and will you get your electricity cut off? The good news is that there’s no immediate cause for concern and that the safety net put in place by Ofgem will ensure that homes and businesses can continue with business as usual. Let’s take a closer look.

What happens now?

The regulators behind Brilliant Energy have promised to ensure that no households have their gas and electricity cut off as a result of the company’s termination. Instead, customers will be automatically moved to a new supplier. However, it cannot guarantee that tariffs will be as cheap under new arrangements.

SSE, one of the Big Six energy suppliers, has been appointed by Ofgem to take on Brilliant Energy’s customers. This means that they will add all 17,000 households – including those supplied under a white label agreement with Northumbria Energy – to its list of accounts.

What does this mean for you?

SSE has promised to fight “to get the best deal possible” for customers, while all outstanding credit balances for Brilliant Energy customers will be honoured. However, SSE also states that customers will be automatically placed on its standard variable tariff. This typically costs an average of £1254 per year – more than £300 higher than the cheapest deals on the market over the course of a year. Ofgem’s director for Future Retail Markets, Phillipa Pickford, comments: “I am pleased to announce we have appointed SSE, which will offer Brilliant Energy’s customers a competitive tariff for their energy. Their credit balances will be honoured and their energy supplier will continue as normal. “SSE will be in contact with customers over the coming days with further information.” Brilliant Energy themselves offered a brief statement on the situation to their former customers, via their website. They stated that “customers need not worry, their supplies are secure and credit balances are protected.”

Once the switch has been fully processed, customers should expect to hear from SSE, who will update them with the details of their new tariff. From here, customers are free to shop around for a better energy deal if they aren’t happy with the new terms of their tariff. You won’t be charged exit fees. This is a sentiment shared by Phillipa Pickford in her statement:

“Once the transfer has been completed, customers can shop around for a better deal if they wish to.” As customers will have no initial say over the terms provided to them by SSE, it’s expected that many people will choose to explore the market to see what other deals are available.

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