Our mission is to help customers reduce energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise in utility brokerage, consultancy and technologies.

Based in the North East of England, helping our clients over the years to achieve the most out of their energy requirements and the implementation of technologies has been a driving focus for The Energy Check.

As a consultancy, we offer an expert tailored approach to our clients’ needs and have expert knowledge of the market segments we operate in to deliver the most suitable solutions for our clients. Our team of consultants and analysts review all energy and water requirements and offer a hassle-free approach to understanding the energy market.

Our clients, ranging from sole traders to SME and Corporate to Industrial can expect Dedicated Account Management and frequent touch points throughout our management focusing on their energy needs for the long-term.

Expert Energy & Carbon Consultants, providing tailored professional advice to our clients.

Our Culture…

Our core values underpin everything we believe, say and do as a team at The Energy Check. These core values shape every business decision and influence our day-to-day work as we strive to maintain the highest standards. To make them easier to recall we refer to them by the acronym of CHAPTER.

Customer Focused
Customers are at the very centre of what we do. If a decision is made at The Energy Check it must always be to benefit the customer and ensure that the highest service standards are maintained.
Whenever we talk or write to our customers, we clearly identify ourselves as representatives of The Energy Check. Time is taken to ensure that the information we present is factually correct and easy to understand. We always ask for permission before liaising with a third party on our customers’ behalf where necessary.
Our attention to detail and precision sets us apart from our competitors. In an industry where fine detail can make a very significant difference, we always lay out our facts, figures and offers in the most accurate way possible.
Every member of our team is trained to deal with our customers professionally. As energy saving experts we abide by our Employee Code of Conduct, which guide us in maintaining standards.
We’ll provide transparent information to our customers, making sure they’re fully aware of the benefits of our service for their business.
We were established as a specialist energy consultancy and brokerage, not as a generalist comparison website dealing in broadband and insurance. Our expertise lies in energy and we have the confidence of our customers because we understand the sector from top to bottom across both business and domestic markets.
We always make sure we respect the thoughts and wishes of our colleagues, suppliers and those of our customers.

We help clients reduce their energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

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Some of our latest projects...

Here at The Energy Check, we are proud to showcase our successes with our clients, ranging from small to corporate sized businesses. Our projects not only highlight the successes we have had over the years but also gives our potential customers the confidence in working with us.

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