Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Is your Business ready for the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

Did you know that UK businesses with more than 250 employees and over £44 million in turnover now need to be able to account for at least 90% of their energy consumption by law?

If you don’t currently have a clear picture of how, when and why your business is using energy, you’re not alone. But with the introduction of ESOS large enterprises will now be required to pay much closer attention to the way that they use energy.

Comply by 5th December 2019

What does your business need to do to become compliant with ESOS?

Every company that meets the ESOS criteria will need to file a report with the Environment agency before 5th December 2019. This report will require the signature of a senior director and that of an accredited Lead Assessor that has been
appointed by an approved body such as CIBSE, Energy Institute, Association of Energy Engineers, Energy Managers Association or IEMA.

Another requirement of the report is that the Lead Assessor must indicate an organisation’s awareness of potential opportunities to reduce that consumption and the basic business case for doing so – including details relating to these projected
savings and payback period.

A skilled auditor may identify a range of improvements that can be made to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiencies. Lighting solutions, insulation, smart thermostats, air conditioning systems, appliances and boilers are just a few of the
items that may come under scrutiny.

Where is the “opportunity” in ESOS?

While it is inevitable that many large organisations will look to do the bare minimum to comply with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, we believe that this is a mistake.


Simply ticking boxes to achieve compliance is not what ESOS was designed for. The aim of these new regulations is to encourage businesses to do their utmost to both conserve energy and develop a greater understand their
consumption – incorporating green energy initiatives wherever possible. Failing to implement the opportunities outlined by a highly qualified assessor may mean missing out on significant savings and ignoring any potential for
reducing carbon emissions.

Why work with The Energy Check?

Our team of energy saving experts have years of experience in supporting businesses to make the kinds of improvements, innovations and savings that can not only ensure your compliance, but can genuinely save your business substantial
overheads over time.

While the replacement of inefficient systems and equipment may seem daunting, we will help you to create a clear and easy-tomanage energy reduction plan that is fully costed and projects your business’s return on investment. We’ll
even project manage the installation of energy efficient equipment or renewable energy assets.

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CIBSE accredited Lead Assessors

CIBSE accredited Lead Assessors

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